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www.holoville.com (our main website - very un-updated)

Daniele Giardini

Magician designer and dancing coder. If you turn around he'll disappear, and teleport himself back to his loved gadgets.

Andrea the Mystery Ninja

Grand master coder. Anger him, and he'll code you into oblivion. Stay on his right side, and he'll build you a new and better Disneyland out of structs.

Partners & Collaborators Back to top

Paul Harden

3D priest and symphonic bard. Can drink more than you. While smoking barely legal cigars that melt the bodies of everyone around him.

Fabian Smith - Engaging Games

Indie art guy and osmotic designer. When you hear the high noon bell, he will be in the middle of the corral, shooting memes from his fingers.

Luigi di Guida

Philharmonic composer and tricky musician. His positive attitude and eclectism will change your game into something new and impressive, and will make you look way better than you really are.

Isak J Martinsson - Killmonday

Ironic musician and outronic coder. His devious mind can politely contrive the most difficult games you've ever played and then laugh at you.

Natalia Figueroa - Killmonday

Poliformic artist and omni-animator. As soon as she'll become a dictator, she will impose the hamster dance on all her subjects, so you better be ready.

Gaetano Leonardi - La Boîte


Multidimensional artist and plasmatic director. Usually paints huge acrylic canvases with one hand, creates absurd 3D characters with the other, designs toys with his moustaches, and steals the cigarettes he bought you while asserting he doesn't smoke.

Davide Barbieri - Ghostshark


Omniscient coder and Top Gun amateur. In his spare time he'll probably find a way to recalculate the shaders of the human brain, the matrices of social behaviours, and the particles of quantum approach. Then he will lead us into a brave new weird world.

Domenico Barbieri - Ghostshark


Coding jedi and wisdom provider. The only way to stop his relentless progress is to ask him about the vicissitudes of the Corsican dialect, and then run away as quickly as possible.

Armando Teora - Ghostshark


Zen coder and bug hunter. If a bug is using mimesis and comes out only during full moons when there's a humidity level of 57.2%, it will still ring Debuggerman's alarm, and Armando will come to the squash.

Michele Pirovano

Cloud-based coder and alterphysics inventor, he can write engines with his hair, and if you watch them too long they will turn you into stone. Or maybe just get you stoned. In a good way.