How I came to love Killmonday (a Fran Bow tale)

In theory, my blog is dedicated to tech advices and, more egoistically, to my stuff. And I don’t actually dedicate myself much to it, which is bad. Very bad. So. Right now, I should really write about Goscurry: I’m completing it, and it’s out in pre-release since a few days. But instead I thought, what the fuck. There’s Fran Bow. On Indiegogo. And there’s Isak involved (J Martinsson, the masterful electro beat musician who made Goscurry’s vibrating soundtrack). So it could be considered not off-topic. Uhm. Ok. Let me write about that.

Who is Fran Bow

She’s Natalia Figueroa!!! Ahaha spoilers! Let me start from the beginning. First of all, Fran Bow is this:

And also this:

And a lot more. And if you love point-and-click adventures as much as I do, you will already be excited.

Fran Bow is a child. She’s lost. She’s creepy. She might or might not be crazy. She carries around pills that will transform her surroundings in a blood fest. And she’s looking for her cat, Mr Midnight. Oh, and possibly she would also want to know what happened to her parents, who were brutally murdered.

How I met the creators

Roaming around the internet you see tons of shit. Sometimes, you happen on a jewel. The first time I saw some screenshots of Fran Bow I was immediately impressed. It looked weird, creepy, imaginative, romantic (as related to the 18th century romanticism movement), cruel, and touching. A whole world not made of the usual black and white that permeates 99.99% of the games, but of something more true and alive.

I got in contact with Natalia Figueroa and we talked about that for a while. Natalia is the lady behind (and also inside) Fran. She has little Ms Bow in mind since a long time, and created both the story, the visuals and the animations – she’s a professional animator by the way. I know people that do games for many reasons. To be noticed. To create something. To share an experience. Natalia is partly moved by these same reasons, but most of all, she HAS to make it. You now, like when you behave really badly with someone, do something really horrible, and then are haunted until you find a way to amend. To fix it. To transform it. To whatever. Or when you’re in love, the passionate one. And you can’t almost move and your body seems to burst and all that other banal stuff, and you HAVE to grab that person that caused it all and declare your love to him/her (or fuck him/her blind, depending on one’s character). It’s just something too big for her, that has to pour out and become a separate physical entity, or she will explode. I suppose I could say that, for Natalia, Fran Bow is a declaration of love to Fran Bow herself, and to what it represents. Talk about commitment.

Natalia is not alone in her journey. She has a tall and mysterious man by her side, Isak J Martinsson, who is the coder of all Fran, and also the gaming expert of the family. And I say family because the dynamic duo is actually married –  which I find scandalous, since they’re young and I don’t believe in marriage, but that’s another story. Isak is kind of a ninja. He’s silent and patient, but has all types of bombs hidden inside his suit. He always appears on the internet wearing a pig mask. And his influence in Fran goes way beyond coding, obviously. I mean, he lives with her, after all, and writes all the words that make Fran move. Imagine that! Also, it happens that he’s an awesome musician, and we even made a game together. Talk about impressive.

So. Isak and Natalia. Together, they form the game team Killmonday. And we’re friends now. Cool.

There’s a demo, and a campaign

Fran Bow has a demo. Rough and in an early stage, but it already shows its potential. It will creep you out, surprise you, and leave you wanting for more. Where the fuck are you going Fran? I’m not alone wondering this, and right now you can help by supporting her creators. Here on Indiegogo. And mind! It’s a fixed funding campaign, so if the goal is not reached, they don’t get any money.  And bear this in mind: they’re not rich hipsters with a different device in every pocket. They’re regular poor-ish people like many of us (still lucky enough to be able to make a game, but you know what I’m talking about). So take your time to check it out and maybe help: you’ll be thrilled.

Oh, and a website

Yup, Fran Bow also has a website. Astounding!


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