The cities that might have been

This morning I finished the Nth city (shhh it’s a secret, I can’t tell how many there are) for Goscurry, and made a quick test to see how long and how many points it would take to reach the last one, thanks to my debug autopilot and hyperspeed. That’s when I realized that, woah, I was done! And very few players will be able – kind of sadly – to reach the end.
I will now implement the city-related trophy system, test everything as thoroughly as possible, and release the new update (within the week).

Minimalistic architecture and the scrapped prototypes

Goscurry’s cities might look simple, but behind their minimalism there was a lot of work (as behind every kind of minimalism). I wanted them to be different, but in a coherent way, both travel-wise and architectural-wise. And obviously, they had to be composed of as few polygons as possible.
I made many of them, jumping between Blender and Unity to see how they looked with the game’s perspective and the right atmosphere. In the end, I created many more than I implemented. So I thought, since I won’t show the existing ones (apart the few I posted here), that I might at least show some of the scrapped prototypes. They were scrapped either because they didn’t fit, or didn’t create a harmonic background, or I found them plain ugly or irrelevant. Anyway, here they are.


  1. Carlos Díaz says:

    I love all the work that you’re doing with Goscurry, updating it more and more. I really like the first image, it’s awesome how do you get that gradient to the buildings with the background. The color combination and the composition are just perfect!
    About how you used 3D in the game, the spaceship has a texture archive? It seems colored by another way, like vertex color or something like that. Just curious :P
    Hope the game it’s doing well with the sales, you really deserve it!

    • Daniele Giardini says:

      Thanks Carlos! :)
      First image is actually the only one I kind of liked, even if I ended scrapping it (though the more I look at it, the more I’m thinking I might re-implement it). The others instead just suck :D
      Ship has a regular texture, but I used almost completely flat colors and a regular diffuse shader, while instead for the background I created one which I can tweak in order to choose how much might light affects (or counter-affects) it.
      About sales, no, they’re not going well at all. But I hope it’s just because I’m waiting for completion before trying to do some serious marketing – crossing fingers :P

  2. Carlos Díaz says:

    I never experienced how light works in Unity, but it seems to have a powerfull tool. I always make the low poly models with a self-illuminated texture but it will be cool to see them with some shadows over other objects.

    Sorry to hear that about the sales, it’s hard to make noise and reach people over there. You’re doing very good announcing every update and change on Goscurry and its a way to keep him constantly alive. Hope that the things got better when you stay 24/7 on marketing :P

    It’s not being an easy road for us to promote DOT on iOS, is a very “elitist” (I don’t know if the word it’s right) market and lots of people rejected to try the game because they didn’t have an iOS device so we hope the things go better with PC, Android and Mac versions. Our plan is to release it in PC first because it will be playable by anyone, we have a little fear because the game only uses two buttons, so first we have to think about it to see the game experience. :S

    Well… let’s keep the fight up with our games and be some strong madafackas!

  3. Takai says:

    Some of these are really nice. I have to say though, the level n and n-2 seem really similar, which was a bit shocking considering the overly different nature of n-1. I’d be totally pumped if you ever had intentions to release more cities into the game.

    • Daniele Giardini says:

      Mhmm I might actually add more cities in the future, if I see that more people manage to reach the end :)

      About n and n-2, what levels are you referring to? The first, second, and third cities? I suppose not, since then n2 would be the more different one, so I’m confused :D Let me know please, I’d like to be un-confused

      • Takai says:

        The last and third last cities, they seem pretty much identical.

        • Daniele Giardini says:

          Oh I see. Then you’re completely right. I won’t write more to avoid spoilers, but that is actually the same city done on purpose (for some sort of maybe stupid conceptual choice). Should I add more cities, they will go before n-2