Goscurry travels

I pre-released Goscurry a couple weeks ago (here! <- say hello to shameful advertising, but hey, this is my blog after all), thanks to the wonderful Humble Store, and now that the main body of the game is complete and polished – and that I can hear Isak’s wonderful soundtrack while I work – I’m spending my time working towards the full complete version, by adding additional features.

First update was the FREAK mode – and a couple bugfixes – which introduced a procedural track made only of speedfreak segments. It was relatively easy to add, thanks to the solid engine I built over Unity – which ended up being a kind of mutant entity system, in case some coder is reading this – and took just a few days.

Once that was released, I decided to go for a rather tough-to-implement feature.

You’re not going nowhere

Goscurry is a hard but simple game. Still, I wanted something to change in case you manage to survive for long. KingOreO, who is the absolute champion of both the webplayer and the desktop version, suggested to have some variation in the scenery, and I immediately liked the idea. So now, in the version I’m working on, after 400 distance units (or meters, or inches – who knows, maybe Goscurry’s ship is driven by a lilliputian – or however you want to call them) you will enter a straight road and the city below will speed up and disappear, while a new one takes its place. Here is an example, which is actually a re-work of the first one I added, New Church City:

I modified Goscurry’s Unity editor so that it allows me to choose the ingredients for each city (I’ll have to write a blog about that sooner or later). While the first one will still have random atmospheres (and with “atmosphere” I mean colors, lighting, shininess, effects, and all the stuff that gives life to the scenery), the others will follow an ordered sequence composed of 4 atmospheres each, one every 100 distance units.

Things can go bad in New Church City

Written like that it might seem cold and rational. But there’s instead a lot of heart and what I might call romanticism, behind each choice. Hard and cruel and do-a-mistake-and-you’re-dead romanticism, but still.

Also, I’m telling a tale with each city. A subjective and “between the lines” one, but still a visual tale. Let me take New Church City as an example (since it’s the most evident and also the most banal): it starts as a bright, glorious and pure place, but in the end becomes a scary and deranged landscape.

How many cities?

I can only say that the city-change engine is done and I already created 6 different cities, each with their tale of atmospheres. I won’t tell how many there will be, nor show more screenshots (apart the last one down here). I don’t want to spoil the surprise after all.

The Hermit Planes


Also, trophies

Each time you manage to reach and enter a new city, you will also get a trophy related to that city in particular. It will show up on Goscurry’s main screen, along with a score representing how many times you reached that landmark, and will allow you to boast an eventually full display cabinet. If you manage to reach the end – whatever the end might mean – all trophies combined will synchronize, and something special will happen. I know that only a short selection of players will be able to see it, since Goscurry gets really tough the more you go on, but I hope they will find it nice (and no, it won’t be a video of me playing the Molyneux :D ).