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I metamorphosed into a DEMIGIANT


In december 2013 I closed Holoville, and thus also Holoville Games. I have a new website now: DEMIGIANT, and a new blog too, which, in an explosion of creativiy, I named DEMIGIANTBLOG. So… see you there :)

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Goscurry Poster

Goscurry got a poster

My friend Gaetano Leonardi is one of those multitalented people that can do lots of stuff, and know how to do them well. He makes comics, videos, animations, 3D stuff, board games (check out his latest one - Portholes - by the way), videogames, illustrations, and can also ride donkeys (or at least feed them). I also trust and respect his work greatly, so when he mentioned he'd make me an … [Read More...]

Goscurry's scrapped city prototypes

The cities that might have been

This morning I finished the Nth city (shhh it's a secret, I can't tell how many there are) for Goscurry, and made a quick test to see how long and how many points it would take to reach the last one, thanks to my debug autopilot and hyperspeed. That's when I realized that, woah, I was done! And very few players will be able - kind of sadly - to reach the end. I will now implement the city-related … [Read More...]


Goscurry travels

I pre-released Goscurry a couple weeks ago (here! <- say hello to shameful advertising, but hey, this is my blog after all), thanks to the wonderful Humble Store, and now that the main body of the game is complete and polished - and that I can hear Isak's wonderful soundtrack while I work - I'm spending my time working towards the full complete version, by adding additional features. First … [Read More...]

Fran Bow

How I came to love Killmonday (a Fran Bow tale)

In theory, my blog is dedicated to tech advices and, more egoistically, to my stuff. And I don't actually dedicate myself much to it, which is bad. Very bad. So. Right now, I should really write about Goscurry: I'm completing it, and it's out in pre-release since a few days. But instead I thought, what the fuck. There's Fran Bow. On Indiegogo. And there's Isak involved (J Martinsson, the masterful … [Read More...]


Goscurry! A brief recount

Two months ago, while waiting for Fabian to do the impressive re-styling he's doing on Stackout, I decided to make a small runner: Goscurry. It was conceived a couple days after the Edge Get Into Games Challenge 2013 was announced, and at the time I honestly had no idea of said contest. In less than a week I had a working prototype, and then things changed: Isak Martinsson from Killmonday saw it … [Read More...]


Scoreoid: online highscores made easy, for real

I'm working on my second game with highscores (Goscurry - the first one was Stackout), so this is the second time I use Scoreoid. And while I love it, I didn't think to write about it until now. The reason why I didn't (apart the fact that I don't write much) is simple: it's like one of those refined and well done inventory systems you find in some rare and special games. They are cool. They make … [Read More...]


Unity + Kongregate, a beginner beginner’s guide to badges

Since I had many problems finding clearly written rules about how to do stuff on Kongregate (and since I just put Stackout there), I thought I might write about that. Connecting to Kongregate First thing first, this might seem obvious but let me state it: you don't need to connect to Kongregate if you don't plan to implement its API/stats/badges/whatever. Ok, now let's assume you WANT to use … [Read More...]


Stackout! A game for GPI’s retro Unity contest

In the first days of December, GPI (aka started a contest dedicated to Unity, whose theme was to create a game inspired by some 70s/80s classic within one month. The prize (fun apart), was - or better: IS, since the winner has yet to be declared - a Unity 4 Pro license, plus a copy of RAIN{one} Unity AI engine to the games that classify in the first 3 places. GPI is a quite awesome … [Read More...]

Unity: what you’re objectively missing when using UnityScript instead than C#

This argument came out yesterday. Then Ruben super-kind-self-taught-vegan Müller asked me where to find a list of additional stuff in C#, compared to UnityScript. So I thought I might write about it, since when I jumped into Unity I initially went for UnityScript, and as such I know some of what's missing. But wait! First, a disclaimer! Since there's a lot of gossip in Unity's forums about … [Read More...]

My apartment (sorta)

An overly complex blabbering about why I do games

Laurent Victorino wrote about the reasons he's in the game industry a short while ago. After Klaim (A. Joël Lamotte) did the same, Laurent threw the ball so someone else might catch it. Since it was kind of aimed in my direction, I decided to go for it (even if I'm still a noob game-maker). So, the simple explanation. Why I make games? Uhm, because I like it. And it actually IS as simple as … [Read More...]